Low Power Amplifiers

More than ever, your designs call for amplifier ICs with low power consumption, a small foot print and costs that fit shrinking system budgets. But to stay ahead of the market, you can't afford to compromise on performance and reliability. That's why Analog Devices developed a portfolio of low power precision amplifiers with high performance and value in mind. Learn more by viewing the additional resources we have available, such as webcasts, application notes, and multi-part circuits.

Instrumentation Amplifiers
The latest in our low power in-amp family are the miniscule AD8235 and AD8236 with the lowest power consumption in the industry. They are effective for analog front end in medical, scientific instruments, or high-end consumer portable devices.

  • Low supply current - 40 µA maximum
  • High common mode rejection
  • Space saving MSOP and WLCSP packaging
  • $1.59 at 1ku

View selection table for our latest Low Power In-Amps.

Operational Amplifiers
Our recent low power op-amps deliver high-performance with ultra-low power. They are designed for all signal conditioning, filtering, buffering, I-V conversion circuitries.

  1. Micro-power CMOS operational amplifiers: AD8500, AD8502/AD8504
    • Maximum supply current of 1 µA
    • Rail-to-rail input/output
    • Low offset voltage
    • Suitable for battery-powered portable applications
  2. Micro-power zero crossover operational amplifiers: ADA4505-1/ADA4505-2/ADA4505-4; AD8505/AD8506/AD8508
    • Maximum supply current: 10 µA & 20 µA
    • Zero input crossover distortion for use as ADC buffers
    • Very low input bias current: 0.5 pA and 1 pA typical
    • Ideal for remote, battery-powered applications
  3. Low-power, wide bandwidth, low noise operational amplifiers: ADA4691-2/ADA4691-4/ADA4692-2/ADA4692-4
    • Low power: 180 µA typical
    • Shut down feature to save even more power during off cycle
    • Available in many space saving packages including LFCSP
View selection table for our latest Low Power Op-Amps

Difference Amplifiers
Our new low-power difference amps are tiny in size, yet big in performance. They reduce board space for power-critical, high-performance applications. AD8276/AD8277, AD8278/AD8279

  • Low supply current - 200 µA maximum
  • Excellent gain drift and offset voltage drift
  • Exceptional common-mode rejection ratio
  • Gain of ½, 1, 2

High Speed Amplifiers
For high speed battery-powered systems, our latest AD8005 op-amp increases the operating time without reducing dynamic performance and consumes low power for its class.

  • Wide signal bandwidth – 170 MHz
  • Exceptional slew rate – 280 V/µs
  • Power consumption – 400 µA
  • Low distortion

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