GRI Index

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has the following sustainability reports available for viewing:

2012-2013 Sustainability Report (pdf)
2010-2011 Sustainability Report (pdf)
2008-2009 Sustainability Report (pdf)
2007 Sustainability Report (pdf)

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Index)

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-profit organization that provides sustainability reporting guidelines. Using the established GRI framework, companies can measure and report based on the key areas of sustainability – economic, environmental, social, and governance.

Analog has used the GRI framework (version G3.1) to develop its sustainability report and improve transparency. The table listed here shows the indicators that are fully or partially addressed within the current sustainability report and also lists the location of the information within the report.

Core Indicators - those Indicators identified in the GRI Guidelines to be of interest to most stakeholders and assumed to be material unless deemed otherwise on the basis of the GRI Reporting Principles.
Additional Indicators - those Indicators identified in the GRI Guidelines that represent emerging practice or address topics that may be material to some organizations but not generally for a majority.

Y - YES - the item has been completely addressed in the CSR report
P - PARTIAL - the item has been partially addressed in the report. Additional information or data would completely address reporting
2014 GRI Table (pdf)