Environment, Health & Safety

ADI and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and the health & safety of fellow employees, customers, and the public.

Water Conservation Practices

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) uses water from public sources. A significant portion of our water use is treated to produce the high purity deionized (DI) water necessary for our manufacturing operations. Our water consumption is carefully monitored at each of our operating facilities. We also track water by normalizing use to our production processes.

2015 Environmental Goals for Continual Improvement
 Impact Water Consumption
Water Consumption 5% reduction from 2010
On Target

Specific Actions/Projects
ADI set a reduction target of 5% normalized water use by 2015 from our 2010 baseline. ADI implements extensive water reuse and conservation programs across all of its manufacturing sites to achieve greater product output with reduced need for natural resources. A substantial portion of water used in manufacturing operations is reclaimed and recycled for reuse. Our project that reclaims wastewater from the fabrication process to feed back to production processes, scrubbers, and cooling towers, is just an example of our activities aimed at reducing our impact to the environment. In fact, in 2013, 25% of our withdrawn water was reused to support the company’s operations. Despite the upward trend in our normalized figures, we anticipate meeting our 2015 target for water use.

As shown below, our use of water has generally trended downward. Although 2011 total increased, when our use is measured relative to our production output (i.e., normalized) we clearly demonstrate continued improvements in efficiency of water use even with increased production.

Water Consumption: Analog Manufacturing Activities
Water Consumption 2005-2012