Environment, Health & Safety

ADI and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and the health & safety of fellow employees, customers, and the public.

Energy Conservation Practices

At Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), the direct sources (i.e., Scope 1) of energy we use to support our operations are diesel fuel and natural gas. We also have indirect energy consumption (i.e., Scope 2) through our use of local public utility supply.

We have a number of programs to manage the use of energy at our facilities. These programs include our efforts to save energy with conservation and efficiency improvements in our operations, transportation, and office buildings.

2015 Environmental Goals for Continual Improvement

Impact Normalized Goals
Energy Use
5% reduction from 2010 baseline
On Target

Specific Actions / Projects

The largest use of energy is through the use of our manufacturing tools. We require all newly purchased manufacturing tools and equipment to meet minimum criteria for utilities consumption efficiency. In addition, our EH&S and Facilities Departments monitor and evaluate industry developments for continual improvements to efficiency of energy utilization. Our process equipment upgrades have resulted in more efficient use of energy even with continued growth of production. These improvements are expected to continue.

ADI has set a 5% reduction target of its normalized electricity consumption by 2015 from our 2010 baseline. We have energy conservation and efficiency programs in place to support our goal. Despite the upward trend in our normalized energy use, we anticipate meeting our 2015 target. In the Philippines, we have embarked on a project that uses a renewable energy source. We used solar panels to provide lighting for a new parking lot constructed to address the need of the growing population and site expansion. This project served as an opportunity for us to minimize emissions associated with use of electricity from traditional sources. We embark on projects such as these to highlight our commitment to the protection and conservation of the environment.

Electrical Consumption: Analog Manufacturing Activities

Electrical Consumption