Environment, Health & Safety

ADI and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and the health & safety of fellow employees, customers, and the public.
ADI seeks to go beyond compliance with regulatory standards in pursuit of excellence in environmental, health and safety management practices, as an integral part of its total quality management system.
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CEO Statement:

Excerpted from Analog Devices, Inc. 2012- 2013 Sustainability Report

While our Sustainability Report is, by definition, merely a snapshot taken at a point in time, the stories presented express the integrity and determination that propels us over the long term.

In ecology, a biological system, or biosphere, is said to be “sustainable” if it is able to remain diverse, productive, and long lived, meeting its present needs without hindering future generations from meeting their own needs.

In business, sustainability refers to managing corporate strategy and execution in an environmentally, socially, and financially responsible manner.

In our company, sustainability encompasses all of these things.

We are diverse, creating solutions for tens of thousands of customers across thousands of applications in hundreds of industries. We have a diverse employee population who work all over the world. We develop core technologies that can be continuously adapted to sustain a competitive advantage for many generations. We emphasize long-term profitable growth, investing in people, systems, and processes that will enable us to operate efficiently and responsibly long into the future.

As far back as the 1970s when ADI’s code of business conduct and human resources philosophy were first published, we have made attracting and retaining the best talent in all fields a strategic imperative. It has always been our belief that outstanding employees do outstanding work that attracts talent and loyal customers. Loyal customers generate growth and profit that generates solid returns for investors and financial strength for ADI. Financial strength attracts and retains top talent, continuing the cycle. This regenerating cycle has fueled our prosperity for nearly half a century.

We approach sustainability as we do technology and business development. Clear priorities set at the corporate level provide guidance for the grassroots, self-directed initiative and ingenuity of our employees. Our corporate sustainability priorities are: economic prosperity; environmental, health, and safety stewardship; and social well-being.

Economic prosperity— we believe superior innovation drives superior financial performance. By creating high quality jobs and maintaining robust investment levels in areas such as manufacturing, engineering, and customer service, we can continue developing innovations that positively impact the world and profitably grow our company. Our employees share in this prosperity, in both monetary and humanitarian terms.

Environmental, health, and safety stewardship— we are committed to a safe and healthy workplace and to operating in a way that minimizes adverse impacts to the environment and conserves resources. We are committed to continually improving our environmental, health, and safety performance.

Social well-being— we understand the impact our operations have on people and the planet and we make every effort to ensure that we make a positive difference. We uphold the highest business and labor practices and we work alongside our employees to give back to our communities.

In this sustainability report, we provide examples of the grass-roots initiatives from 2012 and 2013 that exemplify and translate these corporate guidelines into actions, decisions, and choices employees make every day.

Safer. Faster. Greener. Smarter. Better

We are working with customers all over the world to make safer, faster, greener, and smarter products. Our healthcare customers are applying ADI’s technology to enable a future where surgical diagnostics can be replaced by noninvasive signals that can image tissue and blood flow. Our signal processing innovations are helping keep air and water clean and food supplies safe. Signals that control and monitor factory automation enable our customers to build smarter machines and ensure that the industrial revolution of the 21st century will not have to trade economic benefits for ecological liabilities. Using ADI technology, cars and trucks can significantly lower fuel consumption, affordably and reliably avoid collisions, and deploy life saving airbags.

Our employees and customers inspire us with their continuing commitment to sustainability. We are dedicated to supporting their efforts to improve the world we all inhabit.

Vincent T. Roche
President and Chief Executive Officer