Environment, Health & Safety

ADI and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and the health & safety of fellow employees, customers, and the public.
ADI seeks to go beyond compliance with regulatory standards in pursuit of excellence in environmental, health and safety management practices, as an integral part of its total quality management system.
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CEO Statement:

Excerpted from Analog Devices, Inc. 2010- 2011 Sustainability Report
At Analog Devices, our philosophy regarding sustainability mirrors our business strategy in that we balance clear priorities at the corporate level with employees’ grass-roots, self-directed initiatives. This approach has served us well for nearly half a century, ultimately providing the best outcome for all of our stakeholders.

As a company, we believe sustainable value is created through three key levers: environmental, health, and safety stewardship; economic prosperity; and social well-being. For instance, at the corporate level, we place a high priority on environmental, health and safety practices to ensure that we meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of the countries in which we operate. With a focused effort on continual improvements, we strive to ensure environmentally sustainable operations and product innovations. In the areas of economic prosperity and social well-being, we strive to manage the company in a way that allows us to create high-quality jobs and maintain robust investment levels, which in turn allows us to continue growing the company and developing innovations that positively impact the world around us.

And our technology is doing just that. In fact, our signal processing products and solutions enable advancements across virtually every type of electronics equipment imaginable. Our radio frequency and embedded processing technologies make energy metering green, ultimately helping gain efficiencies across the electrical grid. Our converters, amplifiers, and mixed signal components help achieve medical imaging advancements never thought possible. Our accelerometers and gyroscopes provide automotive manufacturers the innovation, quality, and reliability necessary to enable safety systems such as airbags, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control that are saving lives every day. We are, in partnership with our customers, changing and improving how businesses do business and how people live their lives.

These innovations are possible because of our employees—people in which we take great pride, not only because of their commitment to furthering technical innovation and ultimately driving competitive advantage, but also because they apply this same dedication and fervor to the communities in which we operate. Our people take the initiative, at ADI’s many locations around the world, to remain active in the cities and towns in which we operate, playing a critical role at the regional and site level, where they are able to have the most impact. Our people are dedicated to improving the world around them. And ADI is dedicated to supporting them in these efforts.

In this, our third sustainability report, we are happy to share with you how we approach the three focus areas of economic prosperity; environmental, health, and safety stewardship; and social well-being and the progress we have made in furthering sustainability here at ADI.

Jerald G. Fishman
November 1996 to March 2013