Environment, Health & Safety

ADI and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and the health & safety of fellow employees, customers, and the public.
ADI seeks to go beyond compliance with regulatory standards in pursuit of excellence in environmental, health and safety management practices, as an integral part of its total quality management system.
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CEO Statement:
Excerpted from Analog Devices, Inc. 2014-2015 Sustainability Report:

In 2015, ADI celebrated its 50th anniversary—fifty years of delivering innovations and technologies that have changed the world by facilitating dramatic advances in communications, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and scientific inquiry. We achieved this milestone through an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence, tight alignment to market dynamics, and focus on our larger stakeholder ecosystem including our employees, customers, partners, communities, and investors. These same principles guide our actions today and ensure that ADI will remain a vibrant business for the next 50 years and beyond.

ADI’s tagline, “Ahead of What’s Possible,” reflects our focus on the future. Many of the innovations the world will marvel at tomorrow are being developed at ADI today. Sometimes, those innovations take years or even decades to achieve their full potential. The toughest technological challenges—the ones that most excite and inspire us—defy easy or short-term solutions and by necessity require a longer-term perspective.

That long-term perspective requires ADI to take a broader, more comprehensive view of our web of interconnections here and now. It requires thinking through actions and reactions and causes and consequences in everything we do. From our facilities, to our assets, to our materials, to our operations, sustainability isn’t just a corporate social responsibility initiative; it’s a business imperative.

At ADI, we pursue sustainability along four axes—economic, environmental, social, and governance and ethics.

Economic sustainability—While ADI is in business to make a profit, we are focused not just on the next quarter but on ensuring that our technological innovations continue to have impact and our employees and investors continue to share in the success of ADI for years to come. Our best-in-class financial model, global operations, and smart supply chain management are just a few of the ways we are able to successfully serve our stakeholders while maximizing our ability to pursue the business practices and innovations that support our longer-term success.

Environmental sustainability—To update the famous saying, any intelligent fool can make things more wasteful and harmful. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction. ADI approaches the environmental impact of its operations, including the manufacturing and distribution of its products, with the same focus on innovation as it does the design of those products. We are committed to conserving resources, minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations, and providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and the communities in which we operate. We view this as an economic imperative as much as an environmental one.

Social sustainability—ADI’s stakeholder ecosystem extends beyond the typical focus on employees, customers, and investors to the communities and world in which we operate. We strive to be a positive influence in our communities by living up to the highest ethical standards, pursuing socially minded business practices, providing rewarding career and employment opportunities, and giving back to our communities in concert with our employees’ individual efforts.

Governance and ethical sustainability—Ethical behavior has been a core tenet of our company’s values since our earliest days. Our employees, across all locations and job functions, have internalized the value of ethical behavior, routinely going beyond mere compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our long history of leadership in the area of governance and ethics has resulted in a trusted reputation among our customers, investors, and employees, as well as the communities where we operate. That is a trust that we have worked hard to earn and one we don’t take lightly.

This focus on the long-term and growing a sustainable business has given ADI the ability to deliver life-changing innovations for 50 years.

We are in technologies that even a decade ago were still science fiction but today we take for granted. We are in cell phones that put the world’s information at the world’s finger tips. We are enabling the emergence of remote personalized healthcare management and treatment systems. We are in devices that are verifying the quality of our food and medicines. We are enabling more sustainable agricultural processes that are increasing both crop yields and nutrition. We are in applications that are used to monitor and reduce air and water pollution. We are improving fuel efficiency in cars and trucks, enabling drivers to operate their vehicles more safely, and saving lives daily through more effective, safer airbag deployments.

We are pleased to share this report, which catalogs the ways in which we have built a sustainable business that 50 years after its founding continues to bring incredible innovations to life. We pledge ourselves individually and as a company to remain focused on the future and staying Ahead of What’s Possible.™

Vincent T. Roche
President and Chief Executive Officer