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µModule Power Products with SnPb (Tin­Lead) BGA Packages for Defense, Avionics & Heavy Equipment Industries

Jun 15 2016 - MILPITAS, CA
  • MILPITAS, CA - June 15, 2016 - Linear Technology introduces over 53 µModule® (micromodule) power products with SnPb BGA packages, targeting applications where the use of tin-lead soldering is preferred, such as in defense, avionics and heavy equipment industries. A µModule point-of-load regulator with SnPb BGA package simplifies PC board assembly for suppliers in these industries by providing:

    • Surface mount vs through-hole PCB assembly.
    • Complete, encapsulated DC/DC regulator circuit in one BGA package vs high component-count, unverified discrete solution.
    • 100% tested point-of-load regulator solutions vs requiring verification and supervision of discrete circuit point-of-load regulator solutions.
    • Simpler cleaning under the µModule BGA package due to higher standoff compared to flat LGA or QFN packages.
    • Reflow temperature identical to the other tin-lead components on the PCB vs higher temperature required for point-of-load regulators with Pb-free solder paste.

    µModule power products with SnPb BGA packages are offered in four DC/DC converter categories: (1) step-down or buck converters with single and multiple outputs, (2) buck-boost converters, (3) isolated converters, and (4) converters with PMBus digital telemetry with READ and WRITE data capability.

    Pb-free (SAC305) versions of these devices and more than 100 µModule products in both BGA and LGA packages are available at

    A summary of SnPb BGA µModule power products is provided by clicking here or at

    SnPb (Tin-Lead) BGA Packages for µModule Power Products

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    µModule Power Products with SnPb (Tin­Lead) BGA Packages for Defense, Avionics & Heavy Equipment Industries

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