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Analog Devices Expands its Microwave IC Product Portfolio with New Family of High-Performance Voltage Controlled Oscillators

29 Oct 12 - Norwood, MA
  • Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) today introduced a new family of microwave ICs, the ADF55xx series voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), for point-to-point (PtP), instrumentation/ test equipment and satellite communication applications. Featuring the industry’s leading phase-noise performance, the new ADF55xx VCO series covers a frequency range from 3.5 GHz to 13.9 GHz, offers a wide frequency tuning range and can be optimized for power consumption, phase noise and power output. With reference design evaluation boards available comprising PLL, active loop filter, power management and microwave VCO, the new family fully complements ADI’s leading PLL synthesizer portfolio.The new VCO series debuts with six devices and is showcased this week at Analog Devices Booth 221.

    The new microwave IC series comprises six parts: ADF5508, ADF5509, ADF5510, ADF5530, ADF5582 and ADF5584. Designed with GaAs MMIC technology, the new ADF55xx VCOs utilize a push-push VCO architecture which can generate both the main output as well as the half-frequency output. The devices feature best-in-class VCO phase-noise performance of –116 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset at 8 GHz, which allows these parts to meet the demanding requirements of applications such as microwave PtP communications links. The VCO family offer a unique approach which allows optimization of power consumption, phase noise and signal power output for a particular customer application. The parts can also operate from a 3V supply and, with appropriate setup, can deliver over 50% reduction in power consumption compared to competitor parts with less than 1dB change in phase noise.The VCOs are packaged in small 32-lead 5-mm x 5-mm LFCSP.

    ADF5xxx VoltageControlled Oscillator Key Features:

    Pricing, Availability and Complementary Components

    Product Sample Availability Frequency Range Price Each In 1,000 Quantities Packaging
    ADF5508 Now 7 GHz to 8 GHz $14.73 32-lead 5-mm x 5-mm LFCSP
    ADF5509 Now 7.8 GHz to 8.8 GHz $14.73 32-lead 5-mm x 5-mm LFCSP
    ADF5510 Now 8.45 GHz to 9.65 GHz $14.73 32-lead 5-mm x 5-mm LFCSP
    ADF5530 Now 9.4 GHz to 10.8 GHz $14.73 32-lead 5-mm x 5-mm LFCSP
    ADF5582 Now 11.4 GHz to 12.8 GHz $14.73 32-lead 5-mm x 5-mm LFCSP
    ADF5584 Now 12.2 GHz to 13.9 GHz $14.73 32-lead 5-mm x 5-mm LFCSP

    Note : All VCOs have an Output at the Fundamental Frequency as well as a separate Output for the Fundamental Divided By 2.

    The ADF5xxx VCO series can be easily designed into circuits for microwave applications in conjunction with ADI’s PLL parts such as the ADF4156, ADF4108, ADF4150HV, ADF4159 and ADF41020. ADI offers specific evaluation board reference design for the ADF4108 (8-GHz integer-N PLL) and ADF4159 (13-GHz fractional-N PLL) into which any member of this VCO series can be placed. These boards have been fully characterized for closed loop operation and evaluated for phase hit immunity over temperature.

    • View all new ADF5xxx VCOs and download data sheets
    • Get support at ADI’s EngineerZone™ online support community
    • View ADI’s leading family of PLL synthesizers
    • Dual output covers a wide frequency range from 3.5 GHz to 13.9 GHz
    • 3V operation facilitates more than 50% reduction in power consumption
    • Bias pin allows optimization of phase noise vs. power consumption
    • Wide tuning range of 2 V to 18 V
    • Output power of +16 dBm
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