SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0274: Ultralow Power Standalone Motion Switch

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  • ADXL362 Demo Video: Power Levels vs. Competition
    The ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer uses 2 μA at a 100 Hz data rate -- 80% less power than competing devices at the same frequency, and only 300 nA in motion-activated wake-up mode -- 60% less current than the closest competing sensor.
  • ADXL362 Nanopower, 3-Axis, MEMS Accelerometer
    The ADXL362 consumes 2 μA @ 100 Hz in full measurement mode, and only 300 nA in motion sensing wake-up mode. In addition to its native low-power operation, the ADXL362 has additional features that enable system-level power efficiency.
  • ADXL362: Awake Status Output & Motion Activated Switch Function
    Patent-pending Awake Status Output pin enables the ADXL362 to function as part of a continuously operational, motion-activated switch, turning system functions on/ off, bypassing the processor, and reducing system-level power consumption.
  • ADXL362: Enhanced Activity Detection for System-Level Power Savings
    The ADXL362 low power MEMS accelerometer offers an enhanced activity detection function that distinguishes between different kinds of motion, eliminating false positives and preventing unnecessary turn-on events that cost additional battery life.
  • Vibration Immunity in Analog Devices MEMS Gyroscopes
    This video shows a side-by-side demo of the Analog Devices MEMS gyroscope and a competitive gyro, comparing their responses when erroneous input stimuli are applied. Our new gyros exhibit high immunity to shock, vibration & linear acceleration.
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