SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0205: Interfacing the ADL5375 I/Q Modulator to the AD9122 Dual Channel, 1.2 GSPS High Speed DAC

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Technical Articles (1)
  • Semiconductors Simplify Direct-Conversion Design
    Advances in semiconductor processes have enabled integrated circuits with the performance needed for wireless infrastructure direct-conversion receivers for multimode communications systems.
    (Microwaves & RF, 3/2010)
ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools (2)
  • ADIsimPLL™- Version 3.60.10
    ADIsimPLL enables the rapid and reliable evaluation of new high performance PLL products from ADI. It is the most comprehensive PLL Synthesizer design and simulation tool available today. Simulations performed include all key non-linear effects that are significant in affecting PLL performance. ADIsimPLL removes at least one iteration from the design process, thereby speeding the design- to-market.
  • ADIsimRF
    ADI’s ADIsimRF design tool provides calculations for the most important parameters within the RF signal chain, including cascaded gain, noise figure, IP3, P1dB, and total power consumption.
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