SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0189: Tilt Measurement Using a Dual Axis Accelerometer

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  • AD7887 Evaluation Software  (zip, 313794 kB)
    Included in the EVAL-AD7887CB evaluation board package is a software for controlling and evaluating the performance of the AD7887 when it is operated with the EVALUATION BOARD CONTROLLER. The EVAL-AD7887CB Demonstration/Evaluation Software runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT. The user interface on the PC is via a dedicated program written especially for the EVAL-AD7887.
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  • A MEMs based Tilt Sensing Solution with 1° Accuracy
    In this reference circuit, the output voltage of the ADXL203 dual axis accelerometer, produced by acceleration in the x- or y-axis, passes through buffers to attenuate and level shift the sensor outputs so they are at proper levels for conversion.
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