SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0186: Phase Coherent FSK Modulator

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  • ADIsimCLK Design and Evaluation Software
    ADIsimCLK is the design tool developed specifically for Analog Devices' range of ultra-low jitter clock distribution and clock generation products. Whether your application is in wireless infrastructure, instrumentation, networking, broadband, ATE or other areas demanding predictable clock performance, ADIsimCLK will enable you to rapidly develop, evaluate and optimize your design.
  • ADIsimDDS™
    The purpose of this tool is to assist a user in selecting and evaluating Analog Devices, Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) IC's. It allows a user to select a device, enter the desired operating conditions and evaluate it's general performance.
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  • Fundamentals of Frequency Synthesis, Part 2: Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
    This month we conclude our two-part series on frequency synthesis, with an introduction to Direct Digital Synthesis. We will give a basic review of how a direct digital synthesis system works, touching on the inner workings of the DDS engine at a relatively high level. We will also discuss the tradeoffs between PLL and DDS technology as a base choice for frequency synthesis needs.
  • Performance Clocks: Demystifying Jitter
    Join us as we delve into the realm of sub-picosecond jitter clocks. The relationship between jitter and phase noise will be explored in detail and methods for measuring sub-picosecond jitter and ultra low phase noise will be presented and discussed.
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