SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0180: Precision, Low Power, Single-Supply, Fully Integrated Differential ADC Driver for Industrial-Level Signals

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  • ADI DiffAmpCalc™
    ADI's new ADI DiffAmpCalc™ is a free, downloadable calculator for designing differential amplifier circuits. The tool is easy to use and features an interactive user interface to quickly get you up and running.
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  • ICs for Programmable Logic Control and Distributed Control Systems  (pdf, 976 kB)
    Analog Devices leadership in industrial IC technology, with the development of the iCMOS™ and iPolar™ processes, has uniquely defined high voltage and low voltage integration to deliver smaller, higher performance, and more cost effective ICs for industrial systems.
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  • Industrial ICs
    Industrial ICs Solutions Bulletin, Volume 10, Issue 8
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