SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0143: Single-Ended-to-Differential Converters for Voltage Output and Current Output DACs Using the AD8042 Op Amp

Application Notes (9)
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ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools (1)
  • ADIsimOpAmp™
    This tool will help with the selection, evaluation and troubleshooting of voltage feedback Op-Amps. It uses typical data to model the behavior of a selected amplifier. It allows a user to select an amplifier, configure a circuit, apply a signal and evaluate the performance. It is useful for checking an amplifier's spec's such as Bandwidth, Slew Rate, Input/Output Range, Gain Error, Load Current, Stability Issues and DC Errors in a given circuit.
Data Sheets (3)
Design Calculators (2)
  • OpAmp Stability
    An applet for demonstrating stability effects in opamp buffers.
  • Voltage Reference Wizard (downloadable)
    This Wizard helps you select the most suitable voltage for a use with a data converter. Supply the Wizard with a given data converter; it will provide you with a number of suitable references plus the maximum DC error contributed to your overall system. Or enter the amount of DC error your system can tolerate and find out which of ADI’s reference and data converter pairs will meet your requirement.
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IBIS Models (2)
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SPICE Models (1)
Tutorials (13)
User Guides (2)
Utilities and Conversions (2)
  • dBm/dBu/dBv Calculator
    This calculator converts between standard units of power measurement and signal strength.
  • Power Dissipation vs Die Temp
    This tool estimates die temperature and power dissipation based on the supply voltages, ambient temperature, load characteristics, and package thermal data.
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