SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0133: Sensing Low-g Acceleration Using the ADXL345 Digital Accelerometer Connected to the ADuC7024 Precision Analog Microcontroller

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  • ADXL345 Development Board
    ADXL345 MEMS-based Accelerometer Development Board. Analog Devices' Nitzan Gadish describes how to set-up and use the ADXL345 development board.
  • Hillcrest Labs' Freespace
    Hillcrest Labs' patented Freespace motion control technology utilizes ADI's iMEMS (ADXL345) motion sensing technology. Freespace senses motion in three dimensions and precisely translates human motion into on-screen cursor movement.
  • iMEMS® Motion Sensors featuring the ADXL345
    The ADXL345 is a new low power three-axis digital iMEMS motion sensor. The demo shows the device's unique power saving features and extraordinary resolution.
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