SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0114: Low Cost, High Voltage, Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier Using the AD5292 Digital Potentiometer and the AD8221 In-Amp

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  • Webinar: Digital Potentiometers - Where and How to Use
    Digital Potentiometers (digiPOTs) provide a convenient way to adjust the ac or dc voltage or current output of sensors, power supplies, or other devices that require some type of calibration. This webcast will describe the function, use and advantages of using digital potentiometers in various applications. The webinar will also highlight the main parameters to be considered when designing a circuit using a digital potentiometer.
  • Understanding and Applying Digital Potentiometers
    In this webcast our experts will explain the differences between Pots and DigiPots and DACs, and present considerations for successful designs for many applications.
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