Analog Devices RF switch modules include the highest bandwidth switch modules. SPST, SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, and SP8T versions (reflective and absorptive) are available for a wide range of power (up to 27 dBm) applications, including antenna switching, filter switching, and tuner applications.

Switch Modules

SortOrderPart#Freq Response RF
Freq Response RF
Special FeaturesInsertion Loss
Off Isolation
RF Module
1HMC-C583 100m 40G SPST 7 50 Yes
2HMC-C071 0 20G SP4T 2.8 40 Yes
3HMC-C058 0 18G SPDT 3 55 Yes
4HMC-C019 0 20G SPST 4 75 Yes
5HMC-C011 0 20G SPDT 2 35 Yes