1200 MHz TO 2500 MHz Balanced Mixer with LO Buffer, IF Amp, and RF Balun

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The ADL5355 uses a highly linear, doubly balanced passive mixer core along with integrated RF and LO balancing circuitry to allow for single-ended operation. The ADL5355 incorporates an RF balun, allowing for optimal performance over a 1200 MHz to 2500 MHz RF input frequency range using low-side LO injection for RF frequencies from 1700 MHz to 2500 MHz and high-side LO injection for RF frequencies from 1200 MHz to 1700 MHz. The balanced passive mixer arrangement provides good LO-to-RF leakage, typically better than −39 dBm, and excellent intermodulation performance. The balanced mixer core also provides extremely high input linearity, allowing the device to be used in demanding cellular applications where in-band blocking signals may otherwise result in the degradation of dynamic performance. A high linearity IF buffer amplifier follows the passive mixer core to yield a typical power conversion gain of 8.4 dB and can be used with a wide range of output impedances.

The ADL5355 provides two switched LO paths that can be used in TDD applications where it is desirable to rapidly switch between two local oscillators. LO current can be externally set using a resistor to minimize dc current commensurate with the desired level of performance. For low voltage applications, the ADL5355 is capable of operation at voltages down to 3.3 V with substantially reduced current. Under low voltage operation, an additional logic pin is provided to power down (<200 μA) the circuit when desired.

The ADL5355 is fabricated using a BiCMOS high performance IC process. The device is available in a 5 mm × 5 mm, 20-lead LFCSP and operates over a −40°C to +85°C temperature range. An evaluation board is also available.


  • Cellular base station receivers
  • Transmit observation receivers
  • Radio link downconverters
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    ADL5355-EVALZ is a fully populated, 4-layer, Rogers 3003-based evaluation board. It requires a 5 V/190 mA or 3.3 V/125 mA power supply for normal operation. The power supply should be connected to the clip leads labeled VPOS and GND. All signal ports are populated with edge-mounted SMA connectors. RF-IN is the input port for RF signals. LO1_IN and LO2_IN are input ports for local oscillators. LO1_IN is enabled when the LOSEL clip lead is logic low. LO2_IN is enabled when LOSEL is pulled to logic high. IF1-OUT is the output port configured for single-ended evaluation via a transformer. Power down feature is available for power supply at or under 3.6 V.


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    ADL5355 配套产品

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    推荐 RF/IF Differential Amplifiers


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    ADL5355 材料声明
    PCN-PDN信息 质量和可靠性 原理图符号和PCB封装






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