Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures

电子监控和保护系统需要长距离、宽频率的测量能力,以及高信噪比和提高线性度来检测所需的信号,同时降低干扰发射器的影响。 ADI公司通过不断开发一流的组件、模块和子系统来支持这些技术进步发展。

监控接收机利用ADI公司的宽带ADC和射频收发器以及低噪声放大器和混频器技术,实现无与伦比的灵敏度和检测水平。 ADI公司的RF DAC和先进的合成器可产生复杂信号,支持先进的对抗应用。 采用GaN工艺的小尺寸放大器可以提供更高的功率和效率,采用ADI公司的专业组合技术甚至可以替代TWT。

Webcast: Conquering Your Electronic Countermeasures and Surveillance Design Challenges

Jan 20, 2016 - 12 p.m.

This webcast will provide an overview of the challenges and solutions for Electronic Countermeasure, Protection and Surveillance system applications. Wideband signal capture and analysis using next generation RF devices and high speed converters will be discussed including Size, Weight, Power and performance tradeoffs. Example signal chains including a detailed RF frequency conversion will be used to illustrate the methods and techniques shown.

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