Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier

The footprints created for each individual package should be used as a reference only. Since these footprints are not part specific you will have to adjust the dimension to best fit your requirements.

Filters by lead count or product description

Package Outline Material Information
12 ld LCC (e-12-1) PDF PDF
16 ld LCC (5x5mm w/1.5mm EP) (e-16-2) PDF    
20 ld LCC (e-20-1) pdf pdf
24 ld LCC (e-24-1) PDF    
28 ld LCC (e-28-1) pdf pdf
44 ld LCC (e-44-1) pdf pdf
8 ld LCC (e-8-1) pdf pdf
14 LD LCC_V (9x9x4mm) (ey-14-1) pdf pdf